Thursday, October 30, 2014

the damage: october!

At the end of each month this year I am planning to pause to take a look at my spending as it's related to my closet. I call these posts "the damage." Each month my target budget is $300 and only 5 pieces of clothing or shoes. I haven't even really tried to keep to the 5 pieces lately… it just wasn't working for me.  This "goal" will for sure be revised for 2015.

 For some this budget may sound like a lot and for others it may not... for me personally this is my monthly goal. It works for my budget and lifestyle and doesn't break the bank. Shopping budgets are a personal thing, but I share mine here to show how I stretch my budget and work to create a well curated and fully stocked closet.

Let's take a look at the pieces I purchased this month…

J.Crew, Buffalo Flannel Top, $89.50 paid $62.65 (seen here)
Old Navy, Cable Knit Sweater, $49.95 paid $44.95
Old Navy, Distressed Black Skinny Jeans, $34.50 paid $25
J.Crew, Side Zip Sweatshirt, $78 paid $54.60 (seen here)
Old Navy, Boxy Dress, $29.94 (seen here)
Gap, Legging Jean, $69.95 paid $34.97 (seen here)
Gap, Always Skinny Jean, $69.95 paid $34.97 (seen here)
Coach, Black Ankle Boots via TJMaxx (similar to shown), $119.99 (seen here)
Piperlime, Dolce Vita Flats, $129 paid $71.99 (seen here)

Total Spent: $534.06 (saved: $191.72)

Thoughts on the budget: For the month of September I was way under budget and October way over. Everything evens out right!?!? As 2014 comes to a close (hard to believe) I am already thinking of how I will budget for 2015.  Or if I will.  I need a plan and I will definitely work to figure that out over the coming months.  This month there were a few things that I bought in the stores that I could have gotten a better deal online. I hate when that happens and it reminds me why I love to shop online. But a good find like those Coach boots couldn't have been found online. So smart shoppers always have to do a little of both.  Overall I think I got ALOT for my money this month.  Three pairs of jeans, two pairs of shoes, a dress, two sweaters and two tops.  That's a lot of clothes for $500.

Thoughts on the pieces: I had some stock up to do for jeans this month.  A few old pairs got put in the Goodwill pile that were old and worn out or just didn't fit great.  It definitely felt good to get some new jeans in the rotation.  Besides that I had some fun finding some warm fall and winter pieces now that the cool weather is here to stay.  I also found these amazing boots at TJMaxx (where I should really shop more often!) and am thrilled with them.  For the price and quality they were a steal.  The leather is butter soft and they are really comfortable.  This month was a great month as far as investing in some winter pieces I know will get a lot of wear.

Are you budgeting your clothing purchases each month?

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

falling for leopard coats… three ways to style them!

Each fall and winter I find myself falling for leopard coats.  They seem a little wild and crazy and somehow classic at the same time.  But one thing is for sure… not only are these coats super fun to style but they would also add a lot of "happy" to any dreary winter day!

Here I found a few fun leopard coat styles at several price points and styled them up… I hope you like them as much as I do.

Tell me, would you wear a leopard coat for winter? Do you have one already?

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

my everyday style: shades of noir!

The easiest fall or winter outfit formula? Throw on a bunch of black or grey and call it good.  Then add a few fun accessories and it's an outfit. Voila! 

I will be honest, I was super excited to jump on the grey denim trend this fall and then I was a bit stumped on how to style them.  So black has been my answer so far - not the most ingenious way to style grey jeans. But I've worn it a few times now and I really like the combo.

Have you worn grey denim yet this fall? How do you style it?

(photos by Jennifer Ketchum)

Sweater, LOFT
Necklace, Kensie ℅ - old (similar or similar less expensive)
Jeans, Old Navy (similar or similar distressed)
Bag, J.Crew (similar or similar or similar less expensive)
Boots, Coach (similar or similar less expensive)

Monday, October 27, 2014

my everyday style: fall finds with Forever 21!

We have had the most glorious fall so far… the leaves have stayed on the trees for longer than I remember in the past. the afternoons have been sunny and warm and the crisp evenings are just magical. I love that scarves and sweaters and layers have been the preferred outfit of choice and that my winter coats have (so far) stayed in the closet. 

Today I've partnered with Forever 21 to showcase their great fall offerings so that you can layer it up and keep those winter coats in the closet for a little bit longer too!  Here, I am wearing this cardigan and this tee.  Scroll down for more of my Forever 21 fall picks!

 (above: cardigantee, shoes, jeans)

This post is brought to you in partnership with Popsugar/Shopstyle and Forever 21, all opinions are my own.

Friday, October 24, 2014

pinterest perusing…

I think I'm going to start a new tradition on Fridays… just a few Pinterest inspirations for you & me.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

swoon… it's sweater season!

What's better than a fresh crop of sweaters this time of year?  I'm loving the monochromatic and graphic selections at J.Crew Factory lately. These are just begging to be layered under or over your favorite fall and winter pieces to keep you looking stylish and warm all season!

one, two, three, four (love!), five, six, seven (want!), eight, nine

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

my everyday style: everything plaid!

My plaid obsession has reached a new height this fall… everything plaid is basically my new mantra.  I just can't get enough!  Plus we've been having great weather where you can go with a coat or without and just throw on a scarf… it's the perfect fall set up in my opinion!

(photos by Jennifer Ketchum)

Scarf, Zara (sold out but: similar or similar)
Sweater, H&M (similar)
Shoes, J.Crew Factory
Bag, J.Crew (similar or similar)

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

dress your home/dress yourself with #targetstyle!

This blog has been a discovery of my personal style over the past 6 years… and as I've slowly honed my personal style as it relates to my clothing choices, I have also found that my personal style for my home has fallen into place as well.  

It actually came as a surprise at first that how I dress my body is also very similar to how I dress my home.  Now I am comfy cozy with the idea and wish I would have realized it sooner.  When getting dressed in the morning I go for classic pieces with great texture that mix and match easily and add in a few stripes or plaids (especially this time of year).  The same goes for my home… I like classic pieces with great texture that mix and match easily - and even at home I throw in a few stripes here and there!

Isn't that just one of the reason we all love Target so much? We can dress our homes and our selves all with one simple stop (and stock our pantry/fridge, grab a few things for the kids and a couple of cleaning supplies and call it good!).

Here I pulled together a few of my Target favorites for home and closet… and these you don't even have to leave home to shop for!

dress your home:

dress yourself:
plaid scarf, earrings, ankle boots, pleather skirt - love!, miracle gel set (have you tried these yet? I'm dying to!), faux fur vest, flannel top

This post was created in partnership with Target and Popsugar all opinions are my own.

Monday, October 20, 2014

my everyday style: shopping my closet and a red blazer!

Shopping my closet when the season changes is one of my favorite activities.   I love to see what  basics I've left behind from seasons before and re-invent them into new looks.  The only "new" pieces in this look are the earrings and the handbag and even those have been hanging around for a bit. 

I have found that the more I take time to thoughtfully add to my closet each season that it pays off in future seasons as well.  Then I have a few things on hand already and don't need to do a complete closet overhaul each season.  I'm slowly building it up instead. 

(photos by Jennifer Ketchum)

Red Blazer, J.Crew (similar color or same style)
Jeans, Gap (similar)
Earrings, J.Crew Factory (similar or similar)
Bag, J.Crew (similar or similar)
Shoes, Madewell (similar or similar)
Sunglasses, Warby Parker

Also if you follow me on Instagram you know there is an awesome giveaway going on over there! If not… you should follow me (user: JillGG)!  A $400 Nordstrom gift card is up for grabs… what a great way to shop for fall goodies!

Friday, October 17, 2014

pinterest perusing...

My recent Pinterest inspirations…  follow me there if you want more…

Thursday, October 16, 2014

my everyday style: a pale pink coat!

I am equal parts totally in denial that cold weather is on it's way and also a little excited for wearing cozy layers and gorgeous winter coats (and the holidays are coming… but I'm getting ahead of myself!).  The change of seasons is always a little tricky like that.  Plus, we are having an awesome fall - the colors are so pretty! - that I am trying to enjoy the moment.

Like I said, awesome winter coats make the cool mornings and cool forecasts much more bearable.  H&M recently asked me to check out their new outerwear line for fall and winter.  I got inspired for winter by shopping their budget friendly outerwear options - most of them under $100 and right on trend for winter.  It seems like I've seen pale pink coats on Pinterest quite a bit lately… so when I saw this ultra feminine pale pink double breasted coat at H&M I snagged it right away!

Isn't it fun? And a steal at $80!

Coat, H&M - ℅
Scarf, H&M - ℅ (similar)
Sweater, J.Crew (similar)
Jeans, Old Navy
Bag, Madewell (similar)
Sunglasses, Warby Parker
Flats, Piperlime

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

currently obsessed: burgundy!

I'm obsessed with burgundy these days… I've purchased a few new burgundy pieces for myself, which you will see later this month (stay tuned!).  In the meantime, here are a few other pieces that have been catching my eye.

(sweater, scarf, vest, plaid jacket - less than $50!, boots, bag, vans sneakers)

Are you loving this color lately too?