Friday, April 24, 2015

uniform dressing!

It's always fun to mix and match your clothing into new and creative outfits.  There are definitely days when you are feeling daring or the creativity is really flowing and great things can happen.  But if you are like me, there are some days when this is more challenging than others.

That is why I always like to have a few "uniform" outfits on hand to fall back on… it's not that these looks are uninspired or lackluster, they are just your memorized looks.  The ones you don't have to think about in order to get dressed and look great.  This spring I've already got two "uniforms" that I am falling back on regularly.

striped dress and denim jacket outfit is nothing new… but this season is seems to have new appeal for me. I could wear a different striped dress and denim jacket every day it seems! It so easy and it can really be dressed up or down. You could easily swap out a short dress for a maxi dress or even add in a pair of sneakers for running errands or hanging out with your littles.

The tank and boyfriend jeans combo is another one I love to depend on in the spring. Mornings and evenings can be chilly - so you can simply throw a jacket or blazer over this look.  You could also really dress this look up for a night out with friends by simply adding a pair of heels and a clutch purse.

striped dress look: dress, denim jacket, sandals, bag, earrings

boyfriend jeans look: jeans, tank, necklace, purse, espadrilles

Thursday, April 23, 2015

my everyday style: the basics!

When the seasons change my basic staples seem to magically change with them. Suddenly my chambray shirt isn't for layering for winter… it can now stand on it's own for spring and feels fresh and new.  Or my black jeans don't have to be paired with boots, but seem to have new appeal when paired with sandals.

When you dress for the full four seasons like we do here in the midwest, even the season-less basics can look and feel a little different each season.  That is the fun (or challenge!) of dressing for a 100 degree swing in temps in a year.  Now don't get me wrong… especially after spending a little over a week in California recently, I wouldn't mind less of a swing in temps, but that's the reality of living in Michigan.  

(photos by Tracy Carmody)

Vest, Old Navy (old but similar or similar)
Chambray Top, J.Crew Factory (similar or similar)
Bag, Madewell 

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Instagram style!

I love to post daily outfits on Instagram as I am able to… follow me there, user: JillGG.  The outfit posts here on the blog are styled, thought out in advance and shot by a professional photographer. But on Instagram it's more of a peak into what I am throwing on everyday and wearing around the house, to work, to the grocery store or like with this past month when I am on vacation… what I am wearing to "play" in.

Here are some of my favorite recent Instagram looks…

I wore this tunic a ton on vacation… it was perfect with jeans or shorts! 
(items above or similar: hat, sunglasses, sandals, shorts, tunic)

You can see me wearing this look here
(items above or similar: denim jacketsandals, cross body bag, dress

This was a super popular look on Instagram… featuring this steal of a deal for a linen top!

This tank top is my new favorite… it's got the perfect slouch to it! And as you can see these sandals are getting tons of wear lately...
(items above or similar: tank, jeans, bagsandals)

These 7 items were worn over and over again on my recent vacation… sometimes you just need a few basics to get you through!  It's not hard to see why they are on constant repeat.
(items above or similar: tunicwhite jeans, black tank, striped sweatershortssandals, striped dress)

Pulling out old favorites from last year is always fun to do… these sandals are a definite favorite from last year and they are still available!
(items above or similar: graphic teewhite jeans, leopard sandalscross body bag)

Don't forget to follow me on Instagram (JillGG) for more looks!

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

How to tie a scarf!

A lot of you have asked me to do a tutorial on how to tie a scarf… especially when I wear it wrapped up around my neck in what I would call like "European style".  (Or is there a better way to describe this type of wrap? Help!?)

So last time I wore this scarf my photographer and I shot a little step by step that I think you gals will like!  Detailed instructions are below and outfit details for this look are here… this scarf tying method works best with a woven (vs a knit) scarf.  Continue to the bottom for some of my scarf picks that would work well this way!

1. (below) Start with a rather large rectangle shape scarf or this could be done with a large square scarf as well.

2. (below) Grab one corner of the scarf so that when you wrap the scarf around your neck it will be at a bias/angle. This makes the scarf longer and shows off the pattern or details like fringe better. If you are using a square scarf simple grab one corner.

3. (below) Hold your corner at about elbow's length on one side of your head.  

 4. (below) Wrap your longer end around your neck once, not too tight, not too loose. 

 5. (below) After you wrap it once you should still have one short end and one long end. 

6. (below) Wrap the long end one more time. 

7. (below) Tie the very small ends of together. 

8. (below) Tuck the small knot up underneath and then fluff it up a bit to make sure it's even and the pattern and fringe shows like you want it. Voila! You are done!
(photos by Tracy Carmody)

Again, this method works best with a woven fabric scarf over a knit scarf.  Here are some of my favorites: 

Monday, April 20, 2015

on my radar… april 2015!

Just a few things that have been catching my eye lately…

I am majorly crushing on these sunglasses. The have major Holly Golightly vibes.

I just snagged this sun hat for under $15… I have a feeling it's going to get worn a lot this summer.  I love how big and floppy and incognito it is… no makeup needed!

This "oui" clutch is my newest blogger obsession. Oui, oui, oui!!!

A classic safari style shirt seems like the perfect spring top… this with jeans, white jeans, shorts or skirts this summer would be the perfect breezy look. 

I've been obsessed with Alex + Ani for a while now and just added this peacock feather bracelet to my stack. I'm in love with it!

Wrap/cross/X sandals… whatever you want to call them they are the hottest shoe for spring.  These gold wrap sandals are giving my hearts in my eyes.  Or find a similar option for a steal here!

I've mentioned before I am working on making beauty and household decisions that are less toxic for our family. I'm officially OBSESSED with The Honest Co.  I've tried a bunch of their cleaning and body products and love them all… but this organic body oil takes the cake.  Their lines are targeted at children and babies but this oil is great for moms (or any one) too! I mix it with my lotion each morning for spa-like skin everyday. 

I feel like I keep gushing over Old Navy lately, but seriously, their spring clothes are SO cute! I love just ordered this little sleeveless shirt dress, and I can't wait to wear it!

(ps, on another note… a few of you have been asking where "the damage" post was at the end of March. I am going to take some time off from posting those for now. I know a lot of you love them and will be sad to see them go, so I thought I should let you know!)

Friday, April 17, 2015

Elements of Style v16!

I'm back with another fun Elements of Style for you today… simply put, I have a little formula for quickly pulling together amazing outfits in a snap and I call these posts 'elements of style'. I like to choose something casual, something neutral and then a few dressy pieces to amp the look up! It's really so simple and makes getting dressed ultra easy.

Each individual will translate "casual", "neutral" and "dressy" different depending on your personal style and what event or environment you are dressing for.

I have an unreasonable obsession with white dresses lately… they just seem so carefree and summer-y. Which is exactly what I am craving lately.  A white dress will be a great wardrobe staple all summer, but for spring it still needs a little layer to keep warm with.  This creamy white cardigan makes the look comfortable and practical for chilly spring days while still offering the major summer carefree vibes.  Then I dressed up the look with a blinged out clutch and some earrings.  Simple slide sandals and classic sunglasses pull the whole look together.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

my everyday style: warm weather accessories with Nordstrom Rack!

Now that spring has finally arrived (rejoice!) it's time to take a look at our accessory game.  As the weather warms so does my tendency in accessorizing my outfits. I like to break out light weight and simple accessories that feel as fresh as the spring air.  Cross body bags replace large cumbersome purses, delicate jewelry can finally show off a wrist or neck that's been covered all winter and a new pair of sunglasses is ALWAYS in order now that the gloomy cloudy winter is gone.

Today I am partnering with Nordstrom Rack to feature just a few of my favorite warm weather accessories from their amazing selection.  This cross body bag is perfect with dresses and shorts as the weather warms, this beautiful and delicate gold bracelet is the perfect addition to any spring look and I'm wearing these gold aviator sunglasses on repeat!  Nordstrom Rack has tons of accessories to keep you stylish for less this spring… and the best part is that you can shop it all online!  The selection is changing all the time, so there will always be a fresh selection. Read on for some of my favorite Nordstrom Rack finds…

Cross Body Bags (similar to shown)

Delicate Jewelry (Gorjana Bracelet Shown)

Sunglassess (similar to shown)

And also for a limited time they are stocked with tons of Kate Spade Saturday goodies… so hop on over! The deals are amazing!

Thank you to Shopstyle and Nordstrom Rack for sponsoring this post, all opinions are my own.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

my everyday style: white and grey!

White and grey is a long time favorite combo of mine… and this look is so effortless and simple that I can see why. To me this is the perfect spring or summer look for running errands, heading to the park, or just out with girlfriends for a casual coffee or lunch.  Just don't wear it out to your favorite Mexican food joint, I did that… and well, let's just say white jeans should never get that close to salsa. I don't know what I was thinking.  Thankfully some stain remover should do the trick!

When it comes to simple outfits that are worth repeating… this look is one of those.

A lot of you ask how I tie my scarves like I did here… stay tuned next week for a fun little scarf tying demo that I think you will like!

(photos by Tracy Carmody)

Top, Gap - on sale, limited sizes so hurry!!!
Sneakers, New Balance
Earrings, Gorjana via Rocksbox… use code "jillggxoxo" to get your first month subscription box FREE!

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

spring staples at all price points!

There are a few wardrobe pieces this time of year that are absolute staples to have on hand. These are the pieces that get worn over and over again and really become the foundation for your spring wardrobe.  These pieces work great with the trendier pieces you may choose this spring and also are great for the sometimes cool, sometimes warm weather that the spring season throws our way.

Shop these pieces below at all price points… so that no matter your budget your closet will be set for spring!

striped top: steal, spend (shown), splurge
white jeans: steal, spend, splurge (shown)
field jacket: steal, spend, splurge (shown)
sunglasses: steal, spend (shown), splurge
classic tee: steal, spend (shown), splurge
boyfriend jeans: steal, spend, splurge (shown)
cross sandals: steal, spend (shown), splurge
striped dress: steal (shown), spend, splurge
delicate necklace: steal, spend (shown), splurge
summer sweater: steal, spend (shown), splurge

Monday, April 13, 2015

my everyday style: spring layers!

I think there are about two months out of the year that I don't layer my clothes… that would be July  and August (when I am mostly in my swimsuit, God willing, or it's just plain hot). Layering isn't just a "spring" thing or a "winter" thing - sure we layer clothes differently in spring that we would in winter but the reality is that layering clothing is a season-less idea.

For spring it's important to wear layers that work both ways - on and off (versus winter wear you don't generally shed layers throughout the day).  If you head out in a top and jacket and you don't like the way the lower top fits and you are just covering it up with a jacket or your bra shows through the lower layer, etc you won't be comfortable for the entire day. Conversely, if you wear two very comfortable layers you will prepared for whatever the day holds.

Ever had a spring day where you have to change your outfit like 4 times because you are cold then hot then cold again? That is what I try to avoid… one versatile outfit that I can wear all day. This outfit is perfect for that… a few of my favorites all layered together.

(photos by Tracy Carmody)

Jacket, H&M (similar or similar or similar, all under $50!)
Sweater, Banana Republic - on sale! (or similar)
Jeans, Bananan Republic (or similar less expensive)
Bag, Madewell
Leopard Flats, Madewell (similar or similar or similar less expensive)

Friday, April 10, 2015

Beautycounter Giveaway!

In the past year I have become more and more diligent about ridding my life and our household of toxic chemicals as best I can. I am not perfect at it, but day by day I try to seek out alternative beauty and personal care products and even cleaning products that are better for me and for the environment. I believe in making small changes here and there. So that is what I am trying to do.

Last fall I became involved with Beautycounter - a beauty and personal care company that is committed to getting safe products into the hands of consumers without fail. So many companies say they are 'green' or 'natural' these days but don't really walk the walk.  Beautycounter is different.  With The Never List they have committed to keeping dangerous and toxic ingredients out of their products (even though our government won't even help consumers by doing that!).

I absolutely LOVE these products, everything that I have tried is simple and beautiful and it WORKS.  Today to share the love I am giving away three of my all time favorite Beautycounter products (shown below): a Color Sweep blush of your choice (I recommend "bloom/tulip" it's seriously the best I've ever tried!), the Lip Conditioner Peppermint Balm (so soft and silky with a zing of peppermint!) and one Lustro Face Oil of your choice (my favorite is Jasmine, your face will thank you!).  Once you try these products you will fall in love with them… and you will know that they are safe from harmful ingredients as well.  It's a win win!  For more on Beautycounter's mission - click here!

To enter please use the Rafflecopter form below… only entries placed there will eligible to win!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thursday, April 9, 2015

my everyday style: your new favorite jeans with Fitcode!!!

You gals know that I am a hard core jeans gal… I just love jeans. I love collecting them (wink, wink) and wearing them, and I especially love discovering new favorites!!  Enter Fitcode. These are two rocking awesome ladies running an amazing new start up that I love, and I think you will love too!

You simply log on to the site… and take the fit quiz.  I was blown away about how spot on this quiz was - these gals have seriously done their denim homework.  So many of the questions they asked I totally "got" - or they totally "got" me. Either way, first take the quiz, then the site will give you a whole slew of denim selections that are perfect for your Fitcode.  Then you simply order up the jeans you love.  Oh, and no guessing on sizing either. You know how sometimes you are one size and other times you are another size. Based on your quiz results they will suggest what size you would be in that specific fit.  They really take all the guess work out of denim shopping.

It's like a denim gals dream come true when shopping online for jeans!  After I answered the quiz questions I chose this High Waist Slim Illusion from 7 for All Mankind.  These babies fit like a dream right out of the box!  So go check out Fitcode - I know you will love it!

Jeans, 7 for All Mankind (℅ Fitcode)
Blouse, J.Crew Factory (similar or similar)
Coat, J.Crew Factory (similar or similar)
Flats, Sam Edelman
Necklace & Earrings, Gorjana via Rocksbox - use code "jillggxoxo" for one free month!